• Christine Baron

Why You Should Paddle on Overcast Days

Life is hard. Sure, the T-shirts say Life is Good and, it is, but let’s be honest: It’s hard. It’s messy and chaotic and balls get dropped and people want things and you can’t do everything in time enough to make everyone happy.

It can’t be done.

The phone is always ringing. The email always comes. The car never

has enough gas. Someone always wants something. Life is hard. It IS good. But it is hard.

That is why you should go out for a paddle on overcast days.

Anyone can love a sunny day. But there are few things in this world that are as perspective-shifting as paddling on a foggy, misty, overcast day. Rather than seeing untamed horizons, and stark reality, you only see a world, swaddled in fog, softened around the edges, merely a few feet away.

And that is all you have to do: Navigate, not the world, but a few feet at a time.

Quietly. Slowly. Softly. Away. There is no madness. Only soft. And quiet. And look at how beautiful the world is…how lovely to be in this place…how soothing the sound of the water against my boat…how seamlessly the paddle breaks the water…how essential it is to see where we are now.

Right here. Now.

Not tomorrow.

Not Yesterday.

Now. And the Basin is yours.

The chaotic vacationers who want to see everything on a schedule have chosen another way to spend their afternoons.

And the power-boaters who only want sunshine have chosen to spend the day inland.

It’s just you.

And the egrets.

And the heron.

And whatever other creatures that are too freaked out to appear when huge numbers of loud humans make themselves known come out to do their creature-y things. And will let you watch.



And then watch back, as you paddle past.


Let there be fog.

Let the world be small. And silent. And manageable.

Come. See your world differently.

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