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You Can Do This!

Let's get one thing out of the way first. You can do this. We have a lot we want to cover in this blog. We want to introduce you to Essex and Ipswich. We want to share the history and the culture. We want you to come and enjoy a platter of fried clams. But more than anything we want you to experience the beauty of the Essex River Basin the way we do. By kayak. So the first thing we need you to know is that you can do it.

We have so many people wander through our doors not quite believing this to be true. They ask questions. Will I be too slow? Can I keep it up for three hours? Will I flip over? Will I be stuck in my boat? Are there sharks? These are all understandable worries for someone who hasn't spent time in a kayak. But we've been doing this for a while now and we know the answers. No. Yes. Not unless you want to. No. One, but he's tame. Just kidding. We've never seen a shark in the basin.

The truth is that there are lots of reasons people offer up for why they don't want to try a kayak tour and we have answers for most of them. Our goal is not to throw you into crashing surf or take you on a grueling endurance workout. Our goal is to give you whatever help you need to get out in a kayak and encounter the Essex River Basin up close.

What will you see if you do? You'll see crystal clear water reflecting shades of green and blue you didn't think could happen in New England. (Really, the water defies description. As for comparison, people mention the Caribbean and Hawaii an awful lot.) You'll see graceful egrets stalking their prey on the marshes and the quick flitting terns dive bombing theirs. You'll see the dunes of Crane Beach, generally regarded as the most beautiful beach in Massachusetts. You'll see a house that dates back to the earliest days of the Massachusetts colony and you'll see the hard working clammers digging up delicious bivalves in pretty much the same way that they did when that house was built. And you'll see it all up close as you paddle quietly past.

We'll be using this blog to introduce you to all of these things and more. We'll also share some of our favorite stories from our twenty-plus years of kayaking here. We hope you'll visit the blog often and read all of it. But more than tat we hope you'll visit in person and read this as a reminder of your visit. And if there's anything holding you back from doing that we hope that you'll trust us when we say one more time: you can do this.

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