Frequently Asked Questions

Reservations and Cancellations

How do I schedule a kayak trip?

Tour reservation may be scheduled by phone 978-768-3722 or in person. We require a credit card to secure your reservation and highly recommend scheduling in advance to ensure that your trip doesn't fill up. As with all adventure outfitters, a Release Agreement and Assumption of Risk Form is required before we put you on the water. You may fill the forms out in advance or complete them upon arrival.

How do I cancel a kayak trip?

As with tour reservations, cancellations must be made by phone or in person. If you must cancel your trip or reduce the number in your party, a 72-hour cancellation notice is required. The cancellation window allows for fair treatment of our guides, since we schedule them to work once a tour has been booked. Cancellations will not be accepted through voicemail or email.

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Other Frequently Asked Questions

When should I arrive?

We request that you arrive one hour prior to your scheduled tour. This allows us enough time to fit you to your own boat and handle the other pre-tour steps necessary for a great kayaking experience. If you are running behind please call to let us know.

What does ERBA provide?

Almost everything. We give you a kayak, paddle, lifejacket, sprayskirt, transportation, and phenomenal guides.

How many guides will be with us?

We send out one guide for every four to six of you. It's a ratio that's worked quite well for us over the years.

Will I flip over?

The kayaks we use are extremely stable. You probably won’t flip over while paddling with us. If you do our guides are skilled at kayak rescue and will have you back in your boat quickly.

What if there is a storm?

We might have to cancel a trip in the event of high winds or threat of lightning. Please know that while your local forecast might show something different than what we see we are very experienced at using forecasts and weather apps to determine the weather on the basin. If we have to pull a trip off the water early you will be compensated. We will paddle in the rain. Kayaking is a water sport after all.

What clothes should I wear?

A bathing suit or shorts, t-shirt or a light top-layer. A light nylon rain jacket if there's a potential for a little rain. If it's chilly avoid jeans or sweatshirts. Cotton likes to stay wet and cold. A polar fleece and polyester tops works really well for colder days. It is often cooler on the water.

How about on my feet?

Your feet will get wet. You can paddle in flip flops, crocs, old sneakers or water shoes. The most important thing is to be comfortable.

What else should I bring?

Water (also available to buy at ERBA), sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses attached to a strap, a snack (if you want), a change of clothes. Zip lock bags or dry bags recommended. (Dry bags are available to buy at ERBA.) And more water can't hurt.

What about my cell phone and iPad?

We suggest you leave them behind. Salt water doesn’t have any love for electronics. (This includes car keys now.) If you do need to bring sensitive items with you we do have dry bags to purchase.

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